Living on the border between land and sea, Dampney’s art manifests the energies of the ocean, whether groomed towards the coast in clean waves, or whipped into a maelstrom of froth and fury.

Storm-born and wind-built, his vision of oceanic waves both brings calm and rejuvenates us. They can inspire a feeling of excitement as our bodies are drawn in by their elemental energy, as well as rest roving minds frazzled by nervous energy and the stress of everyday life. MD invites you to immerse yourself in his expressions of the ocean in all its forms.


Born 1977, Tamworth, Australia.

Online Gallery Representation
2019 - 2022

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 Piermarq Gallery, Sydney
2017 Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
2017 Manyung Gallery, Sorrento
2016 Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney
2015 Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney
2014 Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, New York
2014 Black Penny Gallery, Sydney
2014 Chica Bonita Space, Sydney
2014 Beach Road Hotel Gallery, Sydney
2014 Whitehouse Design College, Sydney
2014 LoFi Gallery, Sydney
2014 LoFi Gallery, Sydney

Private Collections
2018 The Collectionist Hotel, Sydney
2018 Washington DC, USA
2018 Freshwater Beach, Sydney
2018 Warriewood Beach, Sydney
2018 7thDay Brewery, Sydney
2016 Adelphi Hotel Series, Melbourne

2017 North Journal
2016 White Horses Magazine
2016 No Cure Magazine
2015 Property Pantry
2015 White Horses Magazine
2015 T-world Magazine
2014 White Horses Magazine